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Check out my vlog about the Natural Clear Quartz pendant

I love the uniqueness of this natural clear quartz pendant. Each pendant is unique and has personality. Handmade and authentic. Clear quartz is known to be the leader of all crystals and stones due to its ability to magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other crystals. It is also known for blocking negative vibes as well as combats pain. I always tell folks to make it your own. Include this pendant in your morning rituals, prayers....use it as a reminder of peace throughout the day!  

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This is how I Slay Squats with the Squat Sponge Pad!

Hi everyone! Check out my latest video on how the squat sponge pad improved my workout! As mentioned in the video, squats are one of my favorite exercises for the lower body. It builds core strength and stamina. There are many versions of squats that you can do in which I will share those tips in a upcoming video. Keep in mind that proper form and execution is extremely important. Many individuals ask me about weight. I like to mix my weight up. For instance, there are some days in which I will go heavy (90lbs - 180lbs) and there are some days in which I will go light (50lbs). Light weights are great for toning and burning calories. Heavier...

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