This is how I Slay Squats with the Squat Sponge Pad!

Hi everyone!

Check out my latest video on how the squat sponge pad improved my workout! As mentioned in the video, squats are one of my favorite exercises for the lower body. It builds core strength and stamina. There are many versions of squats that you can do in which I will share those tips in a upcoming video. Keep in mind that proper form and execution is extremely important. Many individuals ask me about weight. I like to mix my weight up. For instance, there are some days in which I will go heavy (90lbs - 180lbs) and there are some days in which I will go light (50lbs). Light weights are great for toning and burning calories. Heavier weights add muscle and shape to the bum bum (in my opinion). Someone might tell you different; however this is based on my experiences.

Enjoy the video and feel free to contact me with any questions and feedback. Thanks!

Also with any exercise please be sure to consult with your doctor and a expert before performing. I am not responsible for your decisions or if you experience injury from performing squats.

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